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Not only do these beef chews provide a healthy and enjoyable pastime for your dog’s natural chewing habits, it also aids in the relief of boredom, anxiety and frustration (which often occurs while home alone or in a crate). Chewing the beef chew also helps with the prevention of periodontal disease (which is the receding of the gum line) plaque and tartar build up. This is due to the chewing action, which activates the enzymes in the saliva and breaks down the bacteria in the mouth, resulting in improved oral health.

The Thin Beef Chews are about 1/2 the thickness of the Original Chews. We highly recommend these for small dog breeds or puppies that are good chewers. It is also a great transition for your puppy when switching from the Veal Chew to the regular Beef Chew.

Aron Pet Food is a Canadian company and have dedicated their work to create the world’s best dog product. Since 1989 they dedicated their work to our friend the dog and here are the most important benefits of Beef Chews.

  • Beef Chews are pure beef – many other chew products are made from beef or pork waste which is hard to digest and can be a threat to your dog’s health.
  • Beef Chews have no preservatives – many other products contain natural preservatives such as salt or smoke that are not beneficial to the health of your dog. Even worse, many products contain large amounts of chemical preservatives.
  • Beef Chews do not splinter – many other products, even so-called “natural” products, can splinter and damage your dog’s gums or teeth, and may be fatal to puppies or older dogs.
  • Beef Chews have high nutritional value – most other chewing products have low or no nutritional value. If swallowed, the other products can result in digestive problems.
  • Beef Chews add the necessary meat demand which is replaced by many dog foods with vegetable protein and grain.
  • Beef Chews guarantee hours of real chewing – Beef Chew simulates the natural feeding behaviour which is missing in today’s soft or dry food.

The Original Beef Chews are hands down the longest lasting Beef Chews you will find on the market today.

And as an added bonus, 15% of all sales of Aron Pet Food Products will go to support the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide program...providing Dog Guides to Canadians with disabilities at no cost to the recipient. Visit to find out more! Rob and Kristi Mercier, owners of Harmony Meadows Alpaca foster puppies for the program.